Jeyes Kleenoff Kettle & Showerhead Descale 500ml

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Jeyes H7 Kleenoff Kettle and Showerhead Descaler for scaling of metal and plastic appliances such as kettles, irons, coffee machines and shower heads

  • For descaling of metal and plastic appliances.
  • Fast acting and non toxic.
  • Removes limescale, dirt and stains.
  • Fast acting, non toxic
  • Removes limescale, dirt & stains

For escaling of metal and plastic applicances such as kettles, irons, coffee machines and shower heads

NOT suitable for use on enamel or marble surfaces

Fill kettle with warm water and add 125ml of Kettle & Shower Head Descaler
IMPORTANT: Do not switch on or heat the kettle
Wait until fizzing has stopped or at leat 4 hours
If scale persists, repeat action.
Empty kettle, refill with clean water and boil
Empty and risnse thoroughly before use

Coffee Machines
Pour 125ml of Kettle & Shower Head Descler into the resevoir and add 350ml of cold water
Turn on machine for 1 min then switch off and leave for 1 hour
Boil through remainder of liquid, then boil through twice with clean water before re-use. Shower Heads
Add 125ml of the bottle to 350ml of warm water in a bowl.
Immerse shower head into the solution until the scale has gone.
Rinse both shower head and bowl before re-use.

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