How to order by purchase order


If you're a Public Organization such as Municipality, University, Public School, or Government Agency, then you have the option of paying by Purchase Order. The Purchase Order must be pre-approved by your department and faxed or mailed to us before we process any order.

If you are something other than the entities we mention above, we ask that you purchase from us using a credit card or Purchase Orders. You can submit an order and select these payment options during checkout, as well as an option for "offline" payment. By offline method, it would mean you would submit an order online and then fax your credit card information to us, or postal mail a check.

To Order Using a Purchase Order Method of Payment, Follow These Steps

Your Accounting or Purchasing Department can generate a PO number for you prior to placing an order with us. If you need to calculate a grand total so you can get the PO approved by your department, please use our delivery Calculator.

Once you have PO approval from your department or organisation, shop our website, add products to the shopping cart and submit an order online. During the checkout process, select the "Purchase Order" method of payment. Please have your PO number handy before you submit an order to us, as our system will ask for your PO Number.

Then, fax your signed Purchase Order form (get this from your purchasing department) to our fax number of 0870 352 0606. This is required before delivery occurs. Please provide an email address so we can email the receipt and invoice to you once we process your order. The email address can be the end user, or it can be the accounting/purchasing contact within your organisation. A fax of the signed PO will be REQUIRED before we process and despaching any order that is using PO as method of payment. We then process and ship your order.

Lastly, we will email or postal mail the invoice to you for payment. Payment is due upon receipt of merchandise. When your check is produced, please write or print your unique Purchase Order Number..

If you have additional questions about how to purchase using a PO, or need a quote provided to you, please contact us Janitorial Supplies Customer Service.

NOTE: If you do not want to submit an order online, you can fax your PO to us at 0870 352 0606 and we will enter the order for you. We still require a signed and approved (by your department) purchase order form faxed or postal mailed to us. Please provide an email address so we can have our system email the receipt to you.

Janitorial Supplies reserves the right to refuse business to any customer or order if we feel it is fraudulent.

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