Red Soluble Laundry Bags

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The Water Soluble Laundry Bag is a convenient precaution tool that enables soiled linen handlers to isolate, store, transport and clean washable dirty items.

The bags can be used as integral liners in collection containers or as independent storage bags for soiled or contaminated items (i.e. used continence pads and bed linen) prior to laundering, thus minimising the risk of cross contamination or direct exposure to waste materials or body fluids.

Closed Laundry Bags can be placed directly into the washing machine.

During washing, the water soluble transparent strip dissolves, releasing the contents into the wash.

Handy plastic bags designed to ensure that soiled and contaminated clothes do not have to be handled.

Red strip along the top of the bag dissolves in water, releasing the contents.

Size 18"x28"x30"

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Product SKU 90000712
Colour Red
Weight 2.60kg
Size Light Duty
Package Volume 0.00m3
Brand Enov
Part: CM400
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