Gojo Hand Medic Skin Conditioner 148ml

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Gojo Hand Medic can be applied before work as a barrier cream, and after work as a skin conditioner. clinical tests have shown that skin health at work can be significantly improved with its use. Available also in portable tubes. Use before work, after handwashing and at night to help maintain the skin's natural protective barrier. Silicone and fragrance-free. Gojo Hand Medic Professional is specifically formulated for professional technicians for use in their work environments. Quickly absorbs, with no greasy after-feel.


Antiseptic skin treatment quickly improves the condition of rough, dry, damaged skin, restoring it to a healthy appearance.


Use before and after work to prevent dry, chapped hands


-Composition -Appearance Opaque lotion -Colour White -Density -pH 3.0 - 6.5 -Fragrance Odourless -Stability Stable non reactive product

GOJO® HAND MEDIC® Professional Skin Conditioner 5 fl oz / 148ml Tube

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