Why order online

Why Order Online

What are the advantages of the ordering online with Janitorial Supplies?

Personal data

Your only need to enter your personal data once when you register. This information is then saved and can be used for future orders. If you would like to change your data, you can do this at any time with your profile.

Request order status

Inform yourself of the current status of your order online.

Order history

You can view all online orders at any time retrospectively. You can also reorder all or part of any previous order.

Current Orders

View the details of any orders currently being processed. Allows you to view the order status of your goods from each merchant. You can also reorder all or part of any order being processed.

Billing and delivery addresses

You have the option of creating different billing and delivery addresses. When you order, simply click on the desired address - the stored data is displayed automatically. There is no need to make any new entries!

Change user data

You can of course view and update your personal data as well as the billing and delivery addresses at any time. Any changes that you make take effect immediately.

Saving money.

It's as simple as that. Industry research shows that people go online to find the best deal they possibly can, and all of our customers definitely save money when they purchase with Janitorial Supplies.

Larger product selection.

It isn't possible to display all of our products with our printed literature due to the shear amount of different items available. Our website allows us to get around this, giving you access to literally tens of thousands of new and exciting products.

Extended business hours.

Previously restricted by the constaints of the working day, our customers are now able to place an order 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.

  • Added convenience of ordering right from the office or at home.
  • Instant downloadable access to COSHH sheets, machine specifications and instruction forms.
  • The ability to view all of your orders ever placed with Janitorial Supplies.
  • Instant access web only product promotions and deals.
  • Allows us to give you a quicker service than ever before, bringing you instant deals, offers and information on a daily basis.
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