Jugs & Funnels

Browse and shop our online selection of Funnels & Jugs, and measuring jugs to find exactly what you need here today. You'll find a range of plastic funnels, that allow you to top up any kid of liquid whether it is washing liquid or oil. We've also got a range of plastic measuring jugs that meet the needs of various applications with etched increments along the side and sturdy handles for easy pouring too.

Whether you're looking for a single item to help with one job or need to restock in your business, you'll find the right prices and quality solutions right here.

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Personal Protective Equipment & Workwear

Modern technology has been adopted by Janitorial Supplies so that we can give you the greatest online shopping experience possible. You can place an order safely and at your convenience online using our fully integrated online shopping cart, or you can phone us at 03301 373 93 to discuss your janitorial supply needs. One of our representatives would be pleased to help you navigate our website and provide advise. You can either use the categories at the top of the page to navigate or use the business sectors to your right to rapidly find products for the type of business you are involved in. From all of us at Janitorial Supplies to all of you. Thank you and Happy Shopping! 

Did You Know?
Workplaces must meet certain standards of hygiene under health and safety law. The Health and Safety Executive website provides more information on how to meet minimum workplace standards and facilities for customers and employees.