ePro MX70 135psi Carpet Machine 70 Litre

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  • A powerful machine for large areas and prolonged cleaning
  • Designed for big, industrial size,cleaning jobs
  • 70 litre tank has the capacity for all jobs
  • The powerful 135psi wand makes light work of cleaning
  • 2 x 3 stage 1500w vac motor provides plenty of suction
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ePro MX70 is a particularly silent carpet extractor (60 decibel only!) with an excellent vacuum power, thanks to its three stages high-waterlift vacuum motor. With 2 high-waterlift vacuum motors for fast cleaning of big areas of carpet. Its high-waterlift vacuum system allows to recover the maximum quantity of dirt from carpet and to get a shortest drying time. The two tanks, 70 litres each, enable a long autonomy of operation. Dedicated brackets allow to hang hoses and wand on the machine, to easily move the complete machine from site to site.

With the ePro MX it is a very silent injection-extraction machine, suited for noise-sensitive environments.

Using any of our ePro professional carpet and upholstery products it is possible to prespray the carpet in order to soften the dirt before cleaning carpets and quickly sanitize textile surfaces.

Cleaning companies, cinemas, theatres, ferry boats, ships.

ePro Lite is supplied with a triple jet wand for carpet.
Optional instant heater.
Optional hand tool for cleaning upholstery and inside of cars.

- Cleaning width - 30 cm
- Max. perfomance - 220 m²/h
- Tank capacity - 70/70 litres 
- Max. waterlift - 3400 mm H20
- Spray Power - 135psi
- Vac Motor - 2 x 1500w 3 Stage
- Hose Length - 7.5m
- Cable Length - 10m
- Weight - 57kg

ePro MX70 135psi Carpet Machine 70 Litre
70 Litre
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Carpet Cleaning Machines
135 PSI
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